Oil & Gas 101 - 6 Course Bundle

Buy 6 course bundle now and save up to 40%. Get your COMPLETE & ULTIMATE guide to a SUCCESSFUL CAREER in Oil & Gas !!!

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Oil & Gas 101 - 6 Course Bundle 4999 INR
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      Nice presentation of the oil and gas industry, puts things into perspective and includes many aspects such as logistics, trading, economics, refining and petrochemicals...
      After this 12h course, you have the essential and basics. From this point on, only sky is the limit !!!

      Elisabeth Nixon

      Excellent course ! It has everything I was looking for and covers the essential aspects of Oil & Gas
      Well organized, well narrated with beautiful graphs and figures
      Also many concrete examples are provided throughout the course which helps demystify many concepts
      Really recommend this course for technical as well as non technical personnel

      Thomas Lodge

      This is an amazing course!. Very well thought out Course offering lots of value. Thanks!

      Emma Wells