Overview of The Oil and Gas Industry

History and characteristics of petroleum, major events, players of the oil scene, consumption, production, forecast and much more...

Course Summary

Dear student,

Welcome to this online course on Oil and Gas part 1.

This course is designed to give you a comprehensive picture of the international oil & gas industry : from its earliest development at the end of the 19th century to the current situation.

The course uses up-to-date global statistics and is organized into 3 parts :
1. The first part outlines the main characteristics of the petroleum industry, reviews the major events of its history and the associated geopolitics, analyses the place of oil among all energy sources and forecasts future prospects for oil production and demand
2. The second part outlines the roles of the main players within the petroleum industry: consumer countries, major companies and producing countries (OPEC and non-OPEC)
3. The third part provides a quick review of the scale of investments and profitability in the oil industry

This training course will highlight :

  • - History of the oil industry
  • - Up-to-date global statistics of oil & gas
  • - Energy resources : definition, characteristics, conversion factors...
  • - Energy demand and supply : evolution factors (reserves, technology, etc.) and scenarios
  • - Strategies of actors: producer and consumer countries, national, independent and international oil companies, international organizations (OPEC, IEA, etc.)
  • - Financial and political stakes, geographical and environment constraints
  • - Forecasts of future energy demand
  • - Investments and profitability of the oil industry

Course Objectives

  • - Gain a broad perspective of the global oil and gas business
  • - Describe the different types of energy resources (conventional, unconventional, renewable & fossil)
  • - Interpret the evolution of the factors affecting the energy supply and demand (crude prices, technology, reserves, geopolitics, geography, environment, etc.)
  • - Identify the actors of the energy scene and their strategic guidelines
  • - Understand and appreciate the future energy challenges in terms of production and demand

Target Audience

  • - Students (chemical/petroleum engineering, economics)
  • - Professionals with an interest in increasing their understanding of the oil & gas industry
  • - Energy industry journalists and reporters

Course Curriculum

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John Craner

I'm really enjoying this course. I like how the instructor bridges between energy, politics, economics, environment, geography and history... EXCELLENT

Roy Macaraig

I liked the course very much. It was obvious to me that the research and analysis of the topic was done at a high, professional level. The data and the comparisons that helped explain the data are similar to what I have seen in my experience in consulting. Anyone who is new to the Oil and Gas industry will gain a good appreciation of the history and trends.
Thank you and keep up the good work to the WR team.

Elisabeth Nixon

Very helpful course with a lot of valuable information
It traces back in easy and wonderful way the history of oil to the beginning of the last century with clear explanation and insight of major events that shaped our world today
I work in this industry and i found this course ideal to have a comprehensive picture of it
Excellent job

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  • History and characteristics of petroleum, major events, players of the oil scene, consumption, production, forecast and much more

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