Advanced Process Control & Safety Instrumented Systems for Engineers & Technicians

Learn how the main industrial process equipment are controlled and safely monitored such as reactors, pumps, compressors, furnaces & heat exchangers


Control in process industries refers to the regulation of all aspects of the process. Precise control of level, temperature, pressure and flow is important in many process applications.
This course introduces you to advanced control in process industries, explains why control is important and identifies different ways in which precise control is ensured for main process equipment such as reactors, pumps, compressors, fired heaters and heat exchangers just to name a few.
The course also introduces you to Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS), Alarm Systems and Interlocks : their anatomy, their requirement, their functions and how they are represented in engineering drawings such as piping & instrumentation diagrams.


  • - Understand the importance of process control
  • - Successfully interpret basic & advanced process control schemes
  • - Understand the different process control options (cascade control, split range control, ratio control, batch control, selective control…)
  • - Understand the control of pressure in a pipe
  • - Understand the control of flow in a pipe
  • - Understand flow merging control
  • - Understand flow splitting control
  • - Understand centrifugal pump control systems (discharge throttling, variable speed drive, minimum flow…)
  • - Understand positive displacement pump control systems (recirculation pipe, variable speed drive, stroke adjustment…)
  • - Understand compressor control systems (capacity control, variable speed drive, anti-surge…)
  • - Understand heat exchanger control systems (direct control, bypass control, back pressure control…)
  • - Understand reactor temperature control systems
  • - Understand fired heater control systems
  • - Understand container and vessel control systems
  • - Understand electric motor control systems (ON / OFF actions)
  • - Know and understand the concept of Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)
  • - Know and understand the concept of Alarm Systems
  • - Identify safe operating limits based on system designs
  • - Know and understand Fire and Gas Detection Systems (FGS)


    • Some engineering or field knowledge is preferable but not mandatory. All the concepts are explained in depth using an easy to understand language to allow students to build their knowledge from the ground up


    • - All personnel involved in calculation, design, selection, manufacturing, safety, quality and maintenance of systems and equipment in industrial processes
    • - Plant Operators and engineers in the Process and Power Plant Industries as well as Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants
    • - Process control engineers & technicians
    • - Instrumentation engineers & technicians
    • - Design engineers & technicians
    • - Piping engineers & technicians
    • - Maintenance engineers & technicians
    • - Instructional designers and those involved in writing manuals and operational procedures
    • - Security, Safety and Environment Officers (SSHE)

Course Curriculum

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    Learn how the main industrial process equipment are controlled and safely monitored such as pumps, compressors, heat exchangers...

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