Distillation columns : Principles, Operation & Design

A complete understanding of construction details and functioning of distilling columns for successful operation

Course Summary

Distillation columns of various designs and applications are encountered nowadays throughout petroleum refining, petrochemical, chemical and process industries.
This course is designed to provide you with a complete understanding of construction details and functioning of distilling columns. This understanding is a prerequisite for successful operation of your plant.

The course features 5 major items :
1- VAPOR LIQUID EQUILIBRIA : (thermodynamics of pure components and complex mixtures)
  • Volatility of pure components : boiling point, vapor pressure
  • Concept of Sensible and Latent Heat
  • Behavior of mixtures in distillation : dew and bubble points, vaporization curves, total/partial condensation and vaporization, liquid-vapor separation and distribution of components according to their volatility
  • Relation between temperature, pressure and composition of distillate and residue
  • ...
  • Operating parameters of an industrial distillation column (Pressure, Temperature, Flow rates, Reflux Ratio...)
  • Separating power : number of stages, liquid and vapor traffics, feed inlet location
  • Column pressure : pressure control and pressure profile along the column
  • Internal flow rates profiles, concentration and temperature profiles, concentration peaks
  • Material balance of the column : concepts of cut point, separation quality and fractionation capability
  • Heat balance : condenser and reboiler duties, Reflux and Boil-up ratios and industrial configurations
  • Instrumentation and process control loops around the column
  • ...
  • Trays : technology, performances, flexibility
  • Packings (structured or random) : technology, performances, flexibility
  • Different types of contacting systems for the active area : bubble caps, fixed or floating valves
  • Liquid or vapor distributors, collectors and redistributors
  • Troubles such as flooding, weeping, fouling...
  • ...
  • Base case
  • Effect of temperature
  • Effect of pressure
  • Effect of feed stage location
  • Effect of reflux ratio
  • ...
  • Ethylene / Ethane fractionator
  • Reboiler operation
  • Flash separator
  • Distilling column overhead operations
  • Depropanizer case study
Many images, cross sectional views, graphs and animations can be found throughout, increasing the value of this course as an educational tool and industrial reference for personnel involved in distilling operations.
So this course is not only of use to practicing engineers and operators to whom a knowledge of the distillation process is of crucial importance in efficient operation of distilling columns but also intended as a study guide for undergraduates in process, chemical, petrochemical & petroleum engineering disciplines.

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Learning objectives

  • Understand the thermodynamics of Vapor Liquid Equilibria for pure components and mixtures
  • Know, understand and master the concepts necessary to optimize the operation of your distillation column
  • Know about all parameters and profiles for the analysis of your distillation column operation
  • Detect deficiencies in the operation of your distilling column, find their origin and solutions
  • Know and understand the operating variables and process control systems used for your distillation column
  • Know the different types of internals, how they operate and how you can optimize them
  • Use the Aspen Plus simulation results to understand and predict the performance of a distillation column


  • Some engineering or field knowledge is preferable but not mandatory. All the concepts are explained in depth using an easy to understand language to allow students to build their knowledge from the ground up

Target Audience

  • Chemical engineers
  • Process engineers
  • Design engineers
  • Process control personnel and technical staff in the refining, petrochemicals, chemical and process industries
  • Production and Shift Supervisors in charge of distilling columns
  • Field Operators
  • Experienced field operators preparing for console operations

Course Curriculum

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    A complete understanding of construction details and functioning of distilling columns for successful operation

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