How to Read P&ID, PFD & BFD used in Process Plant like Pro

Learn How to Read Piping and Instrument Diagram-P&ID, Process Flow Diagram and Block Flow Diagram used in Process Plant

Course Summary

In this course, you are going to learn How to Read P&ID (Piping and Instrumentation Diagram), Block Flow Diagram (BFD), and Process Flow Diagram (PFD). If you want to learn to read Process Flow Scheme (PFS) and Process Engineering Flow Scheme (PEFS), this course is for you also.

Read, Interpret and understand P&ID like Professional Engineer.

    • Understand the drawing’s components
    • What is P&ID, PFD, and BFD and Why it is used? What information these drawings provide?
    • Learn P&ID and PFD Symbols
    • Read Tank farm and Process Plant P&ID and PFD
    • Read P&ID for Column, Heat Exchanger, Pump, Tank, etc.

    Learn to Read P&ID, PFD, and BFD by Using Industry Standard Drawings with real-life examples.

    There is hardly any course available that teach how to read P&ID in-depth and without the help of good mentor it is challenging to learn and understand these drawings.

    If you are working in Oil and Gas or any similar Process industries, you know the importance of reading P&ID and PFD. In this course, you will learn to read from the real-life drawings so that there will be no disconnect between what you will learn and what you will see while on the job

    What are you going to learn in 41 lectures?

    This course has more than 3 hours of high-quality video content. The course is designed in such a way that even if you don’t have any previous experience, still you will able to master each topic covered.

    The course starts with essential parts of the drawing that specially designed for those who are starting afresh.

    Reading P&ID and PFD is nothing but understanding the symbols on the drawing. Before moving to the actual drawing, you will learn P&ID symbols that are used in these drawings.

    P&ID and PFD selected as an example cover all major components of process facilities such as refinery, power plant, petrochemical complex, and offshore oil platforms.

    You can test your knowledge using a quiz that designed based on the fresh P&ID that not used in an example.

    When you will finish the course, you can confidently read and understand any P&ID, PFD, and BFD that you are going to come across at work.

    Course Curriculum

    Varun Patel

    Varun Patel is an Oil & Gas Professional. He is a Mechanical Engineer and Certified Project Management Professional - PMP® from PMI® USA. He is having more than fourteen years of experience in working in Fortune 500 Oil & Gas Companies.             

    From the beginning of a career, he works in multi-billion dollar Oil & Gas project in Asia and the Middle East. He works in Refinery, Petrochemical and Offshore projects. His experience covers the entire project life cycle from Project Initiation to Project Closed out. He has extensive exposer to projects FEED, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning. He also worked in refinery Operation and Maintenance. During his career, he has handle may different Job role such as Project Engineer, Piping Engineer, Construction Engineer, Inspection Engineer, and Maintenance Engineer.

    He has visited many manufacturing facilities for supplier approval and inspected all kind of piping material. He also has vast experience in Static and rotary Equipment use in Refinery.

    He is having in-depth knowledge of Piping and equipment manufacturing, welding, inspection methods, and techniques used in the Oil and Gas industry. He is also having experience in Non-destructive and destructive testing use during construction of significant oil and gas processing and production complex

    Orji, Kingsley. S.

    Mechanical Engineer

    Honestly, as a young Engineer, I had feared reading Piping diagrams used in oil and gas process facilities but after purchasing your course bundle on the net, the experience has been awesome. My colleagues at work wonder how I know and do a lot within a short period. God bless you Varun for positively influencing my life. You are just the best.

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