Introduction to Process Control & Instrumentation

Learn how process control is ensured in process industries & how the main instruments measure the key process variables

Course Summary

Dear student,

Control in process industries refers to the regulation of all aspects of the process. Precise control of level, temperature, pressure and flow is important in many process applications.

This course introduces you to control in process industries, explains why control is important, identifies different ways in which precise control is ensured and illustrates the different set of instrumentation used to perform measuring tasks for temperature, pressure, flow and level.

The course includes extensive graphics, cut sections, process schemes and 3D animations to give you a virtual practical exposure on process control and instrumentation.

The objective of this course is twofold :
1. Break down for you all the process control and instrumentation principles into easily digestible concepts like feedback control, split range, controller tuning, transmitters, differential pressure gauges, etc...
2. Illustrate through 3D animations and cut-sections the main control instrument devices to measure temperature, pressure, flow and level like thermocouples, capacitive pressure gauges, coriolis flowmeters, etc...

As you proceed through the course, answer the questions in the attached pdf quiz files. These downloadable files are available at the end of the course.
We strongly advise you to do so before moving on in the course. Quiz exercises help you measure your progress toward meeting each section’s learning objectives.
If you pass, wonderful. If not, you can review the videos and notes again or ask us for help in the Q&A section.

So with no further ado, check out the free preview videos and the curriculum and we look forward to seeing you in the first section.

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Course Objectives

  • - Learn the essentials of process control and instrumentation for a successful career in process industries
  • - Understand the main terms and parameters of process control (Process variable PV, Set point SP, Operating point OP, Error, Offset, Load disturbance...)
  • - Identify the different control loops and describe their main tasks
  • - Describe the basic function and method of operation for the main control loop components (Transducer, Converter, Transmitter, Indicator, Recorder, Controller...)
  • - Given a piping and instrumentation drawing (P&ID), correctly identify, interpret and label the instrument, location and signal type symbols
  • - Differentiate between discrete, multistep, and continuous controllers
  • - Describe the general goal of controller tuning
  • - Describe the basic mechanism, advantages and disadvantages of the following mode of controller action : Proportional, Integral and Derivative
  • - Identify the basic implementation of P, PI and PID control in the following types of loops : Pressure, Flow, Level and Temperature loops
  • - Differentiate feedback and feedforward control loops
  • - Diagram the process control loop using ISA symbology
  • - Explain the basic implementation process for each of the following types of control : Cascade, Split range , Batch, Ratio and Selective controls
  • - Understand through extensive 3D animation the techniques and methods used in process industries to measure temperature, pressure, flow and level

Target Audience

  • - Personnel needing to learn the essentials of process control and instrumentation
  • - Control, Process, Chemical and Design Engineers
  • - Operation, technical service and maintenance professionals
  • - Experienced personnel as a refresher course and to broaden their knowledge
  • - Consultants and Sales professionals


- Beginner, Intermediate
Some engineering or field knowledge is preferable but not mandatory. All the concepts are explained in depth using an easy to understand language to allow students to build their knowledge from the ground up.

Course Curriculum

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I am very grateful for the virtual practical experience given by the 3D animations, graphics and process schemes. I really had a good time learning and refreshing. I now completely understands the working principles of measuring equipment in the field and I am confident to put this knowledge into practice. Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity.

Dacian Roman

Nice engineering introduction to process control and instrumentation. After this course  you have the basics and, from this point on, only sky's the limit!

Emmanuel Alegba

This is a detailed and well outlined course. Detailed enough and meets my requirement for an introductory and as well as a refresher course. Excellent use of graphs, 3D animations and other graphics for explanation. This course content and delivery goes beyond my expectation.

Burton Mendonca

The explanations and animations for this course were excellent! Highly recommend it for someone who needs to get up-to-speed on instrumentation and control.

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    Learn how process control is ensured in process industries & how the main instruments measure the key process variables

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