Learn Safety Incident Analysis and Lessons Learned Methods.

The course will teach you how to analyze any incident from a process safety point of view to learn What, Why, and How of any incident.

Course Summary

Learning is a continuous process in life, and there are various learnings, but here we will limit our understandings with safety only. We talk about safety learning - Learning from incidents is an essential part of the Health & Safety Management System. Learning from our own mistakes avoids reoccurrence, and learning from others' mistakes avoids occurrences of any similar incident, and instead, it is free of cost. Lessons learned is one of the vital tools to improve the safety culture.

During day-to-day life, we keep learning; it is inherent like if you keep a hot glass of water in front of a small kid first time, it will touch and will recognize, yes, such things can be hot as well. Next time it will not touch even if it is cold. Looks funny, but this is the reality. The child learned from its mistake.

Accordingly, this safety course is developed to spread a systematic approach to lessons learned from incidents. With various topics and subtopics and intermittent quizzes, we will try to understand the following key aspects, such as

• Lessons Learned Process including
o What is Learning from incidents?
o Why do we need to learn lessons?
o What is effective Learning with elements of Learning

• Will analyze an incident case study of actual Incident Hazira gas plant fire. The incident happened on the 24th of September 2020 at one of the Gas Processing plants in India: ONGC (Oil and natural gas company), situated at Hazira in Gujarat near a city: Surat.

• We will discuss
o Incident summary
o PEAR Loss (means loss in terms of People, Environment, Assess & reputation) oIncluding Brief on Plant and processes

• The course will include the significant part that is What went wrong? We will discuss PSM (Process Safety Management System) and its 14 elements and map incident findings concerning each element. So that we can understand, we can identify the gap and act accordingly
• We shall also discuss the Cause & Root Cause of the incidents, and an essential aspect is How to avoid it in the future? By discussing investigation Committee recommendation
• At the end of the course, we will discuss Missed Opportunities by commenting on the investigation process and how this could be better.
• And finally, we will conclude the session with a bonus for participants and provide downloads of training material so that you can percolate this Learning as relevant

Course Curriculum

Technical Safety Guru

A chemical engineer with more than 20 years of work experience in various industries like refinery, petrochemical industry, construction projects, and nuclear industry with multiple job roles like Scientist, operations engineer, Process safety engineer, Deputy General manager for HSE training & Technical Safety engineer.

My areas of expertise  Safety training, Process Safety Management & ISO 45001:2018 implementation. And I am an IRCA certified lead auditor for ISO 45001:2018.

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