Petrochemicals : The Steam Cracking Process Demystified

Discover the steam cracking process used to make the major building blocks for a variety of petrochemicals

What You Will Learn in This Course

  • Petrochemical activities overview 
  • What you need to know about organic chemistry 
  • About steam cracker plants
  • The steam cracking process 
  • Selective hydrogenation  
  • A typical steam cracker process

What is Covered in This Course

This petrochemical training course is designed to give you an insight into the chemical processes, plant operations, and economics of a steam cracker plant.

The training course examines the intricacies of a petrochemical steam cracker plant and breaks them down into core building blocks whose concepts will be explained in clear easy to understand language.

So whether you are an operator, an engineer, a newly hired or support personnel working in a petrochemical plant, or simply looking for a better understanding of this stimulating field, you’ve come to the right place.

The course is organized into six sections :

      • Petrochemical Activities Overview
      • What You Need To Know About Organic Chemistry
      • About Steam Cracker Plants
      • The Steam-Cracking Process
      • Selective Hydrogenation
      • A Typical Steam Cracker Process

The course also contains notes that you can download and where you find the most important things to remember.

It’s like Cliff Notes for books but steam-cracking. Everything you need to know about process schemes, layouts, feedstock characteristics and properties, products, economics, and much more...

Course Objectives

    • Comprehend the basic differences between petroleum refining and petrochemicals
    • Understand the basics of the steam cracker process
    • Identify the basics of the different building blocks of petrochemicals

So with no further ado, check out the free preview videos and the course curriculum, and we look forward to seeing you in the first section.

Hope to see you there!

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Course Curriculum

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Complex technical concepts made easy ! Really enjoyed this course ! Additional resources are of high quality and very insightful. I loved the high quality overall detailed refining scheme so much that I did actually print it and put it in our meeting room at work ! I work in the quality department of a small refinery and this course was very interesting for me. All my colleagues loved the refinery drawing. I advised them to enroll in...
Nancy Kramer, Refinery Quality Engineer
I really enjoyed this course and I'm impressed by the ability of the instructor to simplify complex technical topics ! This course is perfect for me as a beginner. I really appreciate all the petroleum process schemes also attached at the end of the course and that can be downloaded in pdf format. It gave me the opportunity to progress offline and study them at my pace. The last lecture is really a plus to this course because after examining each process separately, the instructor illustrated in the last video how they are connected to each other and how they all work together. It really gave me a "helicopter view" of a typical crude oil refinery. Thank you for this wonderful course !
Thomas Lodge, Chemical Engineer
Involved and well narrated, this course has proven valuable for my new career. Thank you for providing this excellent course !
Spencer Allemond

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