Centrifugal Pumps : Principles, Operation And Design

A complete understanding of construction details and functioning of centrifugal pumps for successful operation of your plant and piping system

What You Will Learn in This Course

  • Centrifugal pumps working  
  • Centrifugal pumps construction details
  • Read and interpret your pump curves
  • Analyze the problems in operation 

What is Covered in This Course

Centrifugal pumps of various designs and applications are encountered nowadays throughout refining, petrochemical, and process industries, as well as in power generation and environmental engineering.

This course is designed to give you a complete understanding of the construction details and the functioning of centrifugal pumps. This understanding is a prerequisite for the successful operation of the plant and piping system.

The course includes extensive graphics, 3D animations, and cut sections to give you practical virtual exposure to centrifugal pumps.

The objective of this course is threefold :

    1. Break down for you all the centrifugal pump operating principles into easily digestible concepts like cavitation, performance curves, head, etc
    2. Illustrate through 3D animations and cut-sections the main pump mechanical components like impellers, shafts, bearings, packing, mechanical seals, etc
    3. Provide guidelines and best practices for operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting

Course Objectives

    • Understand centrifugal pump working principles for the successful operation of your plant and piping systems
    • Understand centrifugal pump construction details (impeller, volute, shaft, bearings, packing, mechanical seals, etc.)
    • Learn how to read and interpret your pump curves
    • Learn how to determine and interpret your piping system curve
    • Optimize the operation efficiency of your pumping systems
    • Analyze the problems in operation related to packing, mechanical seals, bearings, and flow control
    • Apply the best practices and guidelines for maintenance, problem-solving, and troubleshooting

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Best online course about centrifugal pumps. The instructor explains all the main components of a centrifugal pump clearly and the best part is explaining along with practical problems. Thus, ensuring that the viewer has a good grasp over the topic. Upon that the course material is really great and worth considering your time.
Yash Mohta
This course is very important to me as i am running huge pumps station of centrifugal pumps so its very useful knowledge and professional experience with this course thanking you.
Mahamed Akram
This course is excellent so far. I've never had in depth broken down training of pumps like this before as far as the animated displays and functions as we go along. Great stuff!!!
Miles Morgan

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